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Yuriy From Russia & Cream Sound – My Way Is Heaven (Baroque Records)

The 84th release on Baroque’s Special Edition imprint features one of 2014’s most prolific and also most consistent producers. Yuriy From Russia has already amassed over 120 releases in 2014 and somehow manages to maintain a great level of quality in his productions. Here he returns to Baroque for his seventh overall appearance and a new single with his sometime studio collaborator Cream Sound. Yuriy has worked with the Russian vocalist on more than one occasion in the past their newest studio creation is entitled ‘My Way Is Heaven’ which features remixes from Dark Soul Project and GT.

Cream Sound has been one of the more under appreciated vocalist in electronic music and she sounds fabulous once again on ‘My Way Is Heaven’. Yuriy’s crafted a deep, techy groove that’s got a trippy late night vibe which really suits the sultry nature of Cream Sound’s vocals. The long sweeping atmospheres and dubby rhythms waver through the tracks framework while the vocal loops push the hypnotic tendencies even further. The second half features more variation on the vocal gates and some additional rhythms make for a wicked conclusion. Yuriy has also included a dub version here for the less vocally inclined.

The first remix is provided by Ivan Jamie aka Dark Soul Project who is making his first appearance on Baroque Records. The Argentinean producer has been a long time favourite of Hernan Cattaneo and has also appeared on his Sudbeat Music label along with other great imprints like Asymmetric Recordings, Manual Music and Baires Records. I’ve actually loved his productions all the way back to when he was appearing on Mistique at the beginning of his career. His sound has evolved immensely since then and he’s delivered a great interpretation of ‘My Way Is Heaven’ here. DSP’s percussive grooves always sounds immense and this one is especially big. The rumbling foundation is positively charged with energy and the waves of percussion sound absolutely wicked. I have to say with everything sounding so deep lately this is a really welcome surprise, it’s big music done right. Ivan has used the vocal very sparingly with just a few gates and snips here and there, it’s the atmospheric energy which makes this such a spectacular mix. Well done Ivan.

The second and final remix is provided by GT who is making his fifth appearance on Baroque Records. Gabor Turucz aka GT hails from Serbia but now resides in the UK. His unique blend of tech house and deep progressive has also found its way on to Mauro Picotto’s Alchemy Records where he was announced as one of the winners of the labels production competition in 2011. For his ‘My Way Is Heaven’ interpretation GT has crafted a clubby tech house rework that’s got a great dance floor sensibility about it. GT’s funky acid lines and bouncy groove provides a great complement to the previous more progressive versions and it should crossover to a broad range of dance floors. Another very strong release from Baroque with Dark Soul Project’s remix really standing out. Don’t miss it!

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