Zan Prevee – The Risk Of Dependence (Mistique Music)

The 334th release on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music comes from Zan Prevee who is making his second appearance on the label. The Greek producer made his debut on Mistique back in July of 2012 with his remix of DJ Massymo Tn & Franzis-D’s ‘Dark Planet’. Since then Zan has gone on to appear on KP Recordings, Elliptical Sun and Perfect Session to name a few. His debut EP for Mistique is entitled ‘The Risk Of Dependence’ and it comes with two brand new original productions.

The first track on the release is entitled ‘Deteriorations’ and it begins with a nice low end growl and some well textured kicks which provide some instant drive. A perfectly understated set of rhythmic tones and some hook heavy electronics then get introduced to form a wicked groove with the accompanying framework. The track builds some nice momentum as the airy atmosphere slowly rises and some delicate tension surrounds the track as the main breakdown approaches. Here the bubbly bass tones and rhythmic atmospheres create the perfect floor friendly interlude before a portion of the stripped groove returns and the piece flows smoothly to a wicked finish.

The title cut ‘The Risk Of Dependence’ closes the EP out with a cool glitchy groove at the tracks outset. The bass line goes through some lovely chord changes as the track grows and the incandescent atmospheres that surround the track are absolutely gorgeous. The composition peaks wonderfully with some long drawn out tones which continue to escalate and push the track towards the first break. Here the drums and bass line are left in as to not lose the groove and it really just serves as a nice transition back to the momentous groove which rebuilds once more to the main break. Here we get a full showcase of those spine tingling tones which should certainly provide some goose bump moments on the right dance floor. We absolutely love this EP, Zan Prevee is really one to watch in 2013. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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