zweitausendeins Traum – You Are My New Galactic (Clinique Recordings)

Russian producer Nick Quadrat debuted his zweitausendeins Traum alias in August of 2013. The Marcelo Vasami remix of the projects first single ‘Synchrophasotron’ was a great success and Nick has since gone on to build his zweitausendeins Traum alias with a remix for Electronic Tree and a second single for his Clinique imprint. This week sees Nick presenting his third zweitausendeins Traum single entitled ‘You Are My New Galactic’ which comes with remixes from: Andre W., East Cafe and Silinder.

The deep and enchanting sound that was featured on previous zweitausendeins Traum productions is back in full force and with an additional techy drive as well. The smooth glacial lines that Nick is so loved for feature heavily here once again but the tempo and push of the piece is dramatically increased. There’s a lot of drive coming from the foundation and the subtle bell clusters which meander about accent it perfectly. Things wind right down during the drop which is a minimal soundscape that slowly evolves with trippy effects. Once the stripped groove returns though it’s full steam ahead for a great finish. Top notch original from zweitausendeins Traum and great to see the new sounds working so well for him.

The remixes here all offer something quite cool as well. The first from Andre W. keeps the tempo high and expands on the melodic themes just a touch. Long, gaseous sweeps and intricate sections of keys are a real aural delight and should be perfect for those looking for a slightly bigger sounding mix in comparison to Nick’s more laid back original. East Cafe provides the second remix and he’s delivered an amazing complement to the two previous more streamlined interpretations. The Hungarian producers more funk laden foundation is irresistibly groovy while his rough sounding drums add so much amazing character to the groove. Outstanding work from East Cafe and one of my favourite remixes on the release. The final and most hyped remix on the package comes from Silinder who always seems to be dominating our charts. His remix here currently sits at #2 in our overall Hype Chart only behind one of the finest remixes of Cid Inc’s career. Silinder’s done a lot with his ‘You Are My New Galactic’ interpretation; the Irish producer’s meticulously crafted groove is loaded with great hooks and a smooth driving energy. The marvellously reworked melodies have completely taken on a new life here and should suit a contemporary dance floor quite well. Certainly one of Silinder’s best remixes this year and it’s great to see it on Clinique who have been consistently releasing great music week by week this year. Highly Recommended.

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