zweitausendeins Traum – Synchrophasotron (Clinique Recordings)

The 28th release on Clinique Recordings and it features the debut of a brand new production alias from label own Nick Quadrat. The Russian prodcuer is just 22 years old but already has two great imprints: Clinique and BQ Recordings under his wing. He’s also been one half of the Breeze & Quadrat duo that’s appeared on Armada, Mistique and Underground City Music for the last several years. This week he is debuting his new solo alias zweitausendeins Traum which has a new single entitled ‘Synchrophasotron’ which comes with a remix from Marcelo Vasami.

The ‘Synchrophasotron’ original begins with a soft ambience and a cool array of electronics. An impactful kick soon drops in along with a good drum complement. The warm surges of atmosphere continue pulsing in the backdrop as the groove begins to grow. Subtle rhythms accent the framework further as the track reaches the main break. It’s a long but incredibly captivating interlude which weaves it’s way though some wonderful sound design and broken beats. When the powerful groove returns some added funk has been attached to bass line in the form of some well shaped stabs. The added roll is immense and provides an excellent new element to finish the track off.

The lone remix comes from the Buenos Aires based producer Marcelo Vasami who is making his debut on Clinique Recordings here. Marcelo has been regarded as one of the top producers to come out of the massive collective of new school progressive house talent that Argentina has to offer. With appearances on Replug, Movement, Sound Avenue and Bermudos Marcelo is a producer that chooses his projects wisely and never over saturates the market with his sound making him constantly in demand. His remix of ‘Synchrophasotron’ takes all the cool elements from the original and re-creates them in a slightly more dance floor friendly way. Marcelo’s deep and chunky groove works marvellously with the dreamy, hypnotic backdrop while the subtle synth hooks propel the groove forward with great momentum. If you’re a fan of Hernan Cattaneo then you’re sure to love this one. Don’t miss it. Great stuff once again from Clinique and a superb start for the new zweitausendeins Traum alias. Release Promo Hype Chart #4

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