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John Debo – Ode to Jack (Atlant)

Veteran American producer John Debo gets melodic and experimental on the second release for BOg’s very promising new label, Atlant.

The title track, ‘Ode to Jack’, is full of beepy, busy analogue sounds layered over each other, while siren-like sounds give the track additional urgency, and a minimal but warm bassline complete’s John Debo’s unique soundscape. There’s a really clever, unexpected shift in tone as the track heads into the breakdown, with soft, melancholic pads giving way to a hook that’s abstract yet beautiful. The arrangement is really strong as John Debo takes us out of the breakdown, teasing us with a minimalist drop before letting the melodies and the bassline off the chain. It’s a fantastic moment, and the beginning of an intense and emotional sequence. ‘Shifty’ introduces itself with retro, sci-fi soundtrack synths that keep the track nicely atmospheric as a kickdrum and gentle offbeat bassline start to build up some forward momentum. Bleepy melodies, chugging synths, and gorgeous pads make for some very special moments, and John Debo brings all of the elements together really well for an understated finale.

Fans of Petar Dundov and BOg’s own work are going to love this EP, full as it is of intelligent arrangements, appealing retro sounds, and icily beautiful melodies. In making those comparisons, though, I don’t mean to suggest that John Debo’s EP sounds derivative; he’s clearly a fellow traveller, but both tracks here sound unique and fresh. This is a strong release from Atlant, with the title track being the better of two seriously lovely cuts.

John Debo’s ‘Ode to Jack’ is released on Beatport 27/3/17.


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