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Adwer – Multiverse (238W)

238W welcome back Hungary’s Adwer with ‘Multiverse’, accompanied by remixes from David Granha and Silinder.

Adwer’s original pitches a subtle but insistent little hook against floor-shaking bass tones, punchy percussion and tripped out synths. The highlight of the track falls in the breakdown, where haunting and spacey pads meet jaw-dropping metallic growls. This is awesome and distinctive work from Adwer, featuring lots of strong and well-executed ideas that work really well together.

I really like David Granha’s work in general, but every so often he turns in a remix that outstrips even my usual high expectations of him. His thunderous acidic remix of Tommi Oskari on Juicebox last year was one of those, and his interpretation of Adwer’s track here is definitely another. Adwer’s central hook is soon paralleled by intricate countermelodies, giving the remix a busy, spinning feel, but almost immediately Granha hits the listener with fat bassy squelches and further chiming melodies, before a snare rolls introduces organ-like stabs that drive the remix forwards. The squelches reappear, this time dancing up and down the octaves, and managing to somehow sound retro and alien at the same time, while the breakdown offers a thrilling build up to a catchy string hook.

Finally, we have Silinder providing the second remix of Adwer’s track. I’ve yet to hit play on a Silinder production and not be impressed, and his remix of ‘Multiverse’ works riffs from the original over a groovier but nastier bassline, while the breakdown lets things breathe a little easier with airy pads before everything tightens back up at the drop. Cool stuff as ever from Silinder, and bound to send the right crowd into a frenzy.

238W continue an incredibly strong run of releases here, with Adwer’s original and both remixes hitting the spot, and David Granha in particular offering a show-stopping turn – highly recommended!


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