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Aitor Ronda Chooses His All-Time Favourite 5 Tracks on Elevate

Pig&Dan’s imprint is one of Aitor’s favorite places to release his mighty and melodic techno

Spanish techno-producer Aitor Ronda has selected exclusively for Change Underground his favourite 5 productions released on Elevate record label to date. Aitor has also shared with us some thoughts about each of the cuts.

Tornado” (2016) – buy here
This one was my first track on Elevate and the very first time I reached on Beatport Techno Top charts. Also it was included in the last Space Ibiza Compilation. With “Tornado” I started a new sound that I’ve been developing for the last 3 years. I feel now that with this track it was the beginning of something, know what I mean? I got a new formula and it seemed like it could work. Designed a great arpeggio that drives perfectly well with the entire track. Then a few hits, sounds and efxs. And finally build up a great, intensive and effective break. Another important thing in my new formula is to get a powerful, groove, nice, clean and warm kick & bass combination.

Tweezer” (2017) – buy here
What can I say… I never expected how so many good things this release it would bring to me. My first Top1 Techno worldwide at the Beatport bestsellers chart. It is the most charted track of my career; even Dj Tiesto charted it which was an absolute surprise. It was also the very first Top1 of Elevate. A year later, “Tweezer” was the second most sold Techno track of the world on Beatport. Currently still the most sold track of Elevate which I’m very proud of it.

El despertar” (2016) – buy here
I am absolutely still in love with this track. Nice and warm. Every time I listen to it, it makes me travel to my childhood. A journey straight into the early 90’s which were one of the best moments of my entire life. Nice and deep with a lot of sweet harmonies. All together is driven by a very cool groove. It is deep but is not soft at all. Is got a nice punch and a pretty catchy rhythm. At the moment is this kind of tracks those i would listen every day rather than be played in my sessions. In any case, for a warm-up or a terrace would work for me.

Fresa” (2016) – buy here 
I’m still playing this track in all my sets. It is for me one of the best tunes I have ever done. Love the rhythms and how mad gets people from the very first moment I drop it. The break is massive; I love how it stretches and twists. I love to give unexpected twists to my tracks to surprise the floor; I guess it’s my signature. The break has this crazy track too from a simple sustained note with a crazy temblor and pitch fx that intensifies the break even more. “Fresa” got a few 3/4 tracks with different synths and efx creating this mad rhythms along the track.  For the drums i used TR8 and it has given this old school flavour to the groove.

The Message” (2019) – buy here 
This is the A-side of my new record on Elevate. Very happy seeing how currently climbs the Beatport bestseller Techno chart. In this track I wanted to do something straight using a nasty 90’s acid sound. I decided go a bit epic into the break with nice pads and getting a little mad at the end stretching the arpeggio to twist all as I like it. I think is good as a simple tune but pretty effective on the dance floor.  The message is clear and goes for those who keep telling us that we are not capable to chase our dreams; idiots! All you mother fuckers, you can fuck yourself!!


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