Alejandro Curbelo – Aliener (Balkan Connection South America)

The latest release on Balkan Connection South America welcomes Alejandro Curbelo back to the label for a brand new single.

Alejandro Curbelo - Aliener (Balkan Connection South America)

The Argentinean producer has spent the majority of his career on the Nicholas Van Orton imprint and has grown into one of the label’s primary artists. Here he makes his eighth appearance with a new single entitled ‘Aliener’ alongside remixes from Nicolas Rada and Nicholas Van Orton. 

Alejandro’s original mix comes with many of the old school traits which have made him so loved in the progressive underground. Warm, full grooves and heartfelt melodies lead a gorgeous first act before a stripped down section leads nicely into the break. Here the cascading keys get a chance to breathe and the warm atmosphere hovers with a luminous glow, perfectly setting up a third act with smooth chord changes for the road home.

First up on the remixes BCSA label artist Nicolas Rada brings a drummier feel to the murky atmospheres. Overall it’s a much dubbier approach with the melody getting teased in as the second act begins to take shape. The focus remains on the character rich atmosphere though and a well constructed drum sequence makes for a great transition into the final act. A perfect complement to the original for those looking for that old school vibe minus most of the melodic elements. Great remix from Nicolas. 

Closing the release out BCSA label boss Nicholas Van Orton brings his groovy style and injects some dance floor sensibility in the process. A warm wall of bass brings a nice fluidity straight away while quirky electronics perfectly accent groove. A short break introduces the main motif, quite softer and dreamy in delivery as sections of beats slowly bring back the full groove. There’s a childlike quality in those keys and it builds a wonderful emotion as Nicholas masterfully draws tension out of the main break. Once the beats drop with the atmosphere and harmony getting washed away it’s quite a moment as you really get a sense of just how powerful the groove is. Wonderful remix from Nicholas which rounds out a great offering on BCSA once again. Don’t miss it. 


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