We follow up the last PHW release with another progressive trance production. his time we have a brilliant Dutch producer in. He works his music under the alias of Allen Watts. This is a super energetic production, packed with fantastic melodies, big pads and bouncing bass play. We are thrilled to finally have this one out since we have worked to bring you a really big release here. On remix duty you will find 3 different acts and all of them are from big friends of ours. First up is another superb take from US bound producer Taylor Raburn aka Sedi. He has as always put in a fantastic effort building a track with his trandemark bouncing bass chords. Here you also will find an added vocal chop that is delivering the track a whole new feel. We truly love this master piece. Expect driving melodic progressive house “the Sedi way”, packed with all the right elements to make it another sensational interpretation from one of the hotest acts out there. You will for sure love it! Next up is a remix from Manchester bound ace Intrinity who here delivers on PHW for the first time, but he will back again, that we can promise you already. He has put in a great effort on the release with his re-take. This is warm atmospheric production with great structure and and a great mixture between the driving energetic progressive and the calmness in the breakdown, it’s just super stuff from Daniel coming up and we are so happy to finally involve him in our label. Last out is another blistering production from New York bound ace, Jack Barrile aka Blugazer. Here you will have a slightly deeper take on this original idea from Allen Watts and damn it’s just wonderful stuff from Blugazer. With his exceptional talent to build the mysterious feel in his tracks, we can only say that he’s done it again. With a great reversed vocal line, he sets the standard on this great production. It’s packed with a gorgeous flow, including some really deep bass sounds, that together with sweet pads and of course big melodies, you will hear a massive take here made to perfection. Overall you will have a fantastic release here in our opinion and it’s with open arms we load this one in your music machines. Thanks for being around us guys!


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Renaissance: The Masters Series (Mixed by Nick Warren)

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Thermalbear Goes On One!