Thermalbear Goes On One!

Thermalbear (Dennis White) is one scene’s hottest up and coming producers.  We took some time out with the mad man himself!

1. Cheers ears … let’s begin!  Hello and welcome Thermalbear, how are you doing? How’s the start of 2013 been?

It’s been very busy. There’s a legal team chasing me for money so I’m having to live off the grid.

2. How did you come across the name Thermalbear and what inspired you to come up with this name?

Well it’s written ThermalBear, with a capital ‘B’. That’s like very fundamental cos the B stands for Banana which is the most Belting and Bodacious of all the fruits.

3. Was there a song or artist in particular that inspired you to be a producer? Could you share how your interest toward Electronic Dance Music began?

When I was growing up we lived near an industrial estate and there was one site that sounded very much like some early Rephlex records.  It must have affected me.

4. Your work includes diverse style of productions, from breaks to dubstep to techno. When you’re at the studio, what vibes does Thermalbear go through usually?

It depends on my mood and how much I’ve had to drink really.  I’ve got a new cod reggae album coming out on Island Records this year so that’s exciting.

5. What object best represents your personality?

Asbestos panels

6. Recent years has seen immense growth in the underground music scene in the U.K. What do you think the industry needs in order to sustain and support growth of Underground music?

I don’t think it needs any help. The Brits are back in charge of underground electronic music after a good ten years of letting the Germans handle things. There are loads of very cool labels and artists and their gigs get good support and I think it’s the big artists who should be worried about sustaining their livelihood.

7. Being a part of Sasha‘s – Cut Me Down remix compilation in 2011. And having the legend himself remix your track ‘U Love’. How has it changed your life in your music journey since then?

I cant walk down the street without being hassled now.  I just want to live like a normal person again!

8. What’s your favorite hobby? How does the Thermalbear like to spend time when not producing/djing?

On Sundays I like to go to all the public toilets in town and clean up the graffiti.

9. Where do you feel has the best music scene in the world right now?

Bolton in the UK.  Donk.

10. What are you currently working on? Tell us about your upcoming productions for 2013?

EP on LNOE out 18th Feb.   After that i’m doing a gabba album with Madonna.

11. Complete the Following:

– Favorite Food……………………………… Anything Italian
– Pet Peeve……………………………………People who mix up “generally” with “genuinely”
– Hard work or Smart Work…………………  Why work at all?
– If you could be any person in history………Tesla

12. Amidst the competitive industry, please share few words for the young talents of today, who are finding it difficult to make a mark in the scene?

Attach yourself to someone who already has some success, then bleed them dry and move on!


What do you think?