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Ophelia Introduces Her Project in Exclusive Interview

Ophelia is a unique DJ and music producer that’s ready to share her sound with the world. Coming from a classical music training background, her style and sound evolved into the Electronic music world, bringing with her a signature style and powerful sound she’s now known for.  

Not afraid to continue exploring and experimenting with her sound, Ophelia continues to refine her style, bringing a perfect blend of her interests and talent to the mixing decks. 

This time, we invited Ophelia to share more details about her project, her background and her upcoming plans.

Hi Ophelia, how are you? 

I’m chillin’.

Can you tell us more about yourself? where are you from, what do you do? 

Well, I do lots of things. I’ve recently summarized myself as a kind of architect.  I like to put things together and bring structure.   

For a day job, I consult startups on scaling and growing their companies and I incorporate that same structured thinking into producing and collaborating with artists. Music wise, I’m a classically trained musician by way of Berklee College of Music, and I evolved from a singer song-writer into a producer and performer.  

I get asked to do lots of remixes but I enjoy making my own vocal and instrumental tracks. I’ve been focusing on more Techno and New Rave recently, and my tracks keep getting faster, which is funny because I use to love playing sludged screwed down tempos, so I guess I’ve made it full circle. 

I’m from a small rural area in West Virginia called Rock. It’s named after a big rock there. But I’ve lived in Boston, New York, San Francisco and now I reside in Los Angeles. 

How were you first introduced to music? How did you know this is what you wanted to do?

I started playing keyboards from RadioShack. I have fond memories of small Casio keyboards and toy pianos from my childhood. I also grew up in a musical family who performed Gospel music in church and even cut Bluegrass records with Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. I eventually got a proper keyboard for my piano lessons and later an upright piano. 

I always loved consuming music and the spiritual occult side of rockstars and any lyrics that felt like they spoke directly to me or put me on some path. I guess growing up in church I just wanted to translate that experience into something more modern and personal to me. My family was artistically talented so I figured I could get better at it as I got older, but I always struggled with practicing and recitals.  

When did you start producing your own tracks? 

In college, I started writing my own music and performing at open mics. I started booking small shows with me and my piano and moved on to me and backing tracks with an Ableton Push. I still perform live shows but I started getting more into the club vibe of playing dance tracks because I liked booking gigs where I showed up with a USB stick and just had fun.  To me DJing is like improv jazz and I love improvisation.  

Who are your biggest musical influences? 

David Bowie is definitely #1 as a whole. The first people that come to mind are Smashing Pumpkins, Roxy Music, Tangerine Dream, Killing Joke, Samael, Frank Sinatra; all in no particular order.

One of the first producers that influenced me is a Bay Area bass producer Ant-ten-nae. I saw him play a lot of parties in New York and at Burning Man and I was really into the Bass scene in 2010. I got into glitch and Drum N Bass and got into Aphex Twin. 

My taste in producers evolved into other acts like Booka Shade, Adam Port and &ME, all of those beautifully put together ambient soundtracks with minimal vocals. 

How would you describe your sound? 

I definitely can make pretty and hard music.  I’d like to eventually blend it into a sound but right now I would still consider myself experimental.  I’m not devoted to any genre, but I try to focus on what the vibe is to get the club going. 

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far? 

Back when I wanted to move to the Bay Area I had set the goal to play at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, and I eventually did when I opened for BATHS. That was really cool for me and happened by chance and felt really nice to be part of a scene that I had wanted to join. 

Where would you love to perform? 

I emailed Berghain and they got back to me and said no not at this time.  So, I’d like to keep that conversation going and do a proper Ophelia set. 

Do you have any hobbies? 

I live in Los Angeles so there are amazing fitness studios. I like doing vertical arts like aerials and pole. Training for that is a lot to mobility work and recovery. I have a whole schedule of spa days, recovery with massage, physical therapy, and personal training. It’s a lifestyle but I’m always learning more about my body and my health and I make a point to work with professionals that support my progress. 

What’s in store for Ophelia? 

Lots of music. I can’t wait to release more music and creative to go with it.  I take an active role in a lot of the artistic process and have been actively producing. I have 2 remixes in the queue forthcoming for my friends here in LA, Pain Behavior and Contracult Collective, which I’m really excited about and grateful to have the opportunity to work on. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes! 

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