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VNCCII Releases ‘Dangerous Love’

The track comes with an immersive, AI-style official video

Sydney-born producer VNCCII returns with new single ‘Dangerous Love’, out today.

An infectious slice of futuristic, leftfield pop, ‘Dangerous Love’ combines trap beats, 8-bit sounds and VNCCII’s own sugar-sweet vocals. The psychedelic official video that accompanies the track sees VNCCII’s iconic cyborg avatar driving a futuristic sports car through a captivating, tripped-out sci-fi universe. It follows her single, ‘Astro Life’ and ‘Astro Life Remix’ EP featuring Godlands and Paces released in December.

A far cry from your typical genre-stricken electronic artist, VNCCII blurs the lines between music, gaming, technology and virtual reality, crafting a strong authentic vision and fresh sound palette. Developing her image around a 3D cyborg avatar, she has performed at the likes of Impact Music Festival, Vancouver’s Red Room and Amsterdam Dance Event.

One of the most forward-thinking, boundary-pushing artists in the world of EDM, VNCCII delivers yet another futuristic, tripped-out new single on ‘Dangerous Love’.


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