Discover More About Canguru as He Reveals His Favourites

Having landed on the Electronic Music scene with passion and determination, the talented Canguru continues to present an originality unlike any other, drawing influence from the sounds of Electro, Alternative Dance and Techno. As he approaches his musical creation from the perspective of a skilled and experienced talent, having been surrounded by music throughout his life, Canguru is no doubt cementing his place as one of the most promising Artists on the scene today. 

So, we’re looking forward to diving deeper and learning more about this exciting talent as we sit down for this quickfire interview with Canguru.     


Electro-Pop or Rap? 

That’s a tough one. I guess it depends on my mood. I‘m into both styles of music. The music I produce is a crossover blend between those two genres – I describe Canguru’s genre of music as “Alt-Electro-Hop”. 


Vinyl or Digital? 

Vinyl for the size format and the medium and the warmth. It feels and looks great to hold a vinyl. I do feel sentimental about this medium. 

Digital for ease of use. Being able to listen to millions of tracks just on your mobile phone is pretty awesome really. Also much easier to mix with Digital DJ Controllers and not have to carry heavy boxes full of vinyl. And let’s face it, the audio quality between both is not that easy to compare (digital can sound just as good as analogue if converted properly to a high sampling and bit rate). 


Most favorite track? 

Wow! That’s a really tough one to answer. That all depends on the mood I’m in really.  

Some days I might want to listen to Pink Floyd’s ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, or some other days, I feel like listening to Chemical Brothers’ ‘The Darkness That You Fear’ or Gorillaz’s ‘Baby Queen’ or Kendrick Lamar’s, ‘King Kunta’.  


Top three Artists of all time? 

Damon Albarn, Miles Davis, David Bowie  


Favourite pieces of musical equipment? 

Ableton Push 2, Korg Minilogue, Shure Sm7b mic 


Three fun facts about yourself? 

In my late teens, I used to play guitar in a metal band called Full of shit. 

I used to work with the legendary bass session player Herbie Flowers and got to play on his bass guitar, the one he recorded the bass line for Lou Reed‘s ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ song on.  

I was invited to a pimps and whores fancy dress party once by Lois Winston. Her dad Ray Winston was there. We had a chat together at the bar and he told me that I was the best dressed pimp at the party. 


Rapping or playing the saxophone? 

Another tough one! But I guess, I am more skilled at free-styling on the sax than rapping. I learnt a lot to improvise on the sax playing in jazz bands, so it is more second nature for me to play the sax on the fly. 


Collaborations with vocalists or producers? 

I would say both. I am always on the lookout for singers to feature on tracks I produce. It is also exciting and there is often a lot to learn from collaborating with other Producers. 


One bucket list venue you wish to perform at one day?  

The Royal Albert Hall in London. 


Playing at a basement venue or by the beach? 

By the beach. 


Standout moment of your career so far? 

I think every step I’ve made throughout my development as an artist and Producer has led to stand-out moments in my career…like releasing a new album, producing a music video, collaborating with other artists and Producers…I mean, I guess being shortlisted for the silver award at the Berlin Music Video Awards for my single “Winner Today” was a standout moment for me. I was proud of that single and it gathered some good attention. 


We close out our interview with Canguru by thanking him for his time and look forward to seeing what is next to come from this talented Artist. Sure to continue standing out with innovative and original music, make sure to keep an eye on Canguru by following him across social media. 


Canguru Online 

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