Sander Wilder Joins Us For an Exclusive Interview to Discuss His Musical Journey So Far

Sander Wilder has been making powerful waves across Electronic Music as he continues to drop must-listen productions and memorable monthly episodes of his show, ‘Global Feelings’. As he continues carving out a distinct way within the genre, ensuring fans continue to be impressed by his high-quality sound and creative approach, Sander Wilder has led a musical journey that has been both unique and distinct. So today we’re looking forward to being joined by him to talk through his career so far, discovering the highlights that stand out. 


Hi Sander, it’s a pleasure to meet you! How are you? 

Hey there, nice to meet you as well. Doing quite good, thank you for asking! 


What motivated you to pursue DJing and sparked your passion for creating Electronic Music? 

In the late 00s, I started to have a strong interest in Electronic Dance Music and was quite amazed to hear so much music made by different Artists from different substyles. From there, I felt a strong desire to become a Producer and DJ – somehow for me being a Producer was always connected with being a DJ, I’ve always really loved being able to express myself through music (melodic styles especially). When I first opened a DAW I felt that a new world opened up for me. 


What would be one of your tracks you are happy to have accomplished?  

It’s hard to point to only one, all of them have their own story, journey, and feelings attached, but I can say that ‘Timewarp’ is one of them. 


What were some of your early career milestones as a DJ and Producer? 

My first gigs, initial collaborations with labels, and exposing my music, as well as other Artist’s music, I would say have been important in my development as a DJ/ Producer. 


Having experimented in the various genres of Melodic House and Techno, Progressive House and Trance, do you feel you finally arrived at your sound? 

I can say that I’ve reached a sort of balance on my actual sound and I want to keep this balance no matter what direction my sound evolves. 


What was it about the melodic approaches of Armin Van Buuren, Tiësto, and Eric Prydz that inspired you to shape your sound now? 

Armin Van Buuren, Tiësto, and Eric Prydz have been important figures in shaping the Electronic Music landscape, each with their distinct melodic approaches that have impacted audiences worldwide. 

Armin Van Buuren’s ability to craft euphoric melodies inspired me as a starting point for my melodies. Tiësto’s knack for creating infectious hooks and anthemic melodies showed me the power of simplicity and catchiness in Electronic Music. And Eric Prydz’s progressive realms and soundscapes showed me the importance of creating tension and evolution within a track, allowing melodies to unfold and develop organically. 


What is a proud moment or accomplishment from your radio show, ‘Global Feelings’? 

I can say that the accomplishment is being able to promote so much great music from different Artists no matter if they’re well-known or new entries on the music scene. 


How do you feel your music has impacted your fans from the Progressive House community? 

All I can hope is that my music inspired them and made their days better anywhere in the world. I think that what most Artists expect is to have an impact on their fans. 


What are the valuable lessons you gained from your music career thus far?  

The most important lesson is that learning never ends and it’s normal to have ups and downs but the most important thing, if you really love music and want to expand your journey, is to not give up and remain active and curious. 


What new music can we expect to hear from you soon? 

I already have a new release called ‘Timewarp’, which is a strong and energetic Melodic House & Techno track and another one has also just been released –  a cutting-edge Progressive House production called ‘Infinite Hourglass’. Of course, there are still tracks in progress so I hope that I will soon have new tracks that are ready to see the light. 


On an exciting path, we’re looking forward to seeing what Sander Wilder will offer his fans next; sure to remain just as captivating, striking out with more mesmerising releases and electrifying mixes for ‘Global Feelings’, Sander Wilder is not a talent to miss out on. So, make sure to keep up-to-date with him by following him across social media.  


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