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Audioglider – Ocular Overkill (Section)

The first single from Audioglider’s magnificent second LP on Section Records is here, backed by remixes from Tripswitch and We Are All Astronauts.

Audioglider’s original of ‘Ocular Overkill’ opens with cinematic ambience giving way to an aggressive indie-disco groove complete with a seriously cool bass part, warped female vocal samples, and sparkling pianos. Some bold, retro synth lines dominate before the breakdown strips things right down, leading to an explosion of melody as the track picks back up again.

Session’s label-boss Tripswitch does a fantastic job of taking Audioglider’s best ideas and retooling them for a progressive dancefloor. A lovely, expansive intro sets the mood really nicely, working the sweet sounds from Audioglider’s original well before letting the bassline work its magic, while the gentle piano-led breakdown sets up a fantastic sequence as Tripswitch injects some prog-power into Audioglider’s sweet melodies.

We Are All Astronauts aren’t the kind of outfit we usually cover here, but if you’re willing to check out something a bit different, the Boston-based duo’s version of ‘Ocular Overkill’ is at least as strong as the other two. It’s moodier, with a gentle, submerged intro leading into chiming melodies, precise rock percussion, and heavy bass tones, all topped with deeply atmospheric pads. There’s a blissful moment just before the breakdown when a fragment of Audioglider’s piano creeps in, while the breakdown itself boast a strong hook immediately mirrored by the piano, setting up the remix’s tense but uplifting finale.

There’s something here for most tastes, with three very different but equally good versions of Audioglider’s track, and I’ve no doubt that the release will do a great job of whetting appetites for his album next month.


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