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BlackBill – 01- 1 / 01-2 (Blckbll)

Something new is emerging in the techno world and its “BlackBill”


Remember the days when techno could be quite secretive and artists would hide their identity and reluctant to provide you their release intentions. Artists such as “Underground resistance” would often be faceless at gigs whilst hiding behind a curtained shield and being almost “kraftwerk” silhouettes whilst preforming extreme techno exhibitions.

Well this new project in many respects has a similar feel about it with limited artist or label information supplied. I guess the objective here is to stay focus on the music more than PR and the importance of sound over an image. It’s something that has created a mystique for many over the years and also embraced.

On that basis it’s very prompting to just to get straight into the music with the first title on the release simply called 01-1. Its track which show’s its intensions from the off with rolling percussion looped around a dark outset. As it builds it introduces varying subtle hits, synth power play riffs and an almost like bubble rhythm that keeps it rolling nicely. It’s well arranged keeping the interests to what’s relentless chugging groove.

Next up in total techno fashion is the track titled 01-2. Here we get quickly into the funky zone with a unique synth / bassline roll. There’s great building drum patterns keeping it more groove based whilst pitched up vocal samples are introduced. A nicely worked hypnotic break is featured that fires back up into action with more intensity. It’s really got that “Drumcode” esque about it and id say is equally as good.

The synopsis is a great new introduction in to the techno world for a new entity and one which is already endorsed by the likes of “Sam Paganini:” which tells it own story.

Review by Blue Amazon – Rated 8/10


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