Anna – Face Your Fears (Terminal M)

The Brazilian Techno queen “Anna” is back on “Terminal M.

Face Your Fears

“Anna’ over the years has been one of the most impressive artist’s and DJs in the modern era. It seems everything this lady touches, either remix work or original productions ouches quality and with a dedicated refined direction.

She’s an artist with a wealth of music and experience that dates back to an early age of 14 whilst finding her passion and earning a path in electronic music. Her persistence and hard work is something that is very admirable and has ultimately propelled her as an artist / DJ into global electronic stratosphere.

Id would be very surprised if you hadn’t heard some mutation of an “Anna” production as there as been many out there and ones which all carry their own unique DNA. Her music is quite purist in a sense that it’s very locked in to a deeper club groove that really epitomises what modern techno is all about.

I believe this is the 2nd single release from “Anna” on the equally outstanding “Terminal M” imprint that continues to excel in very consistent manner. The previous single release titled “Redemption/Odd Behaviour” is still a very prominent one, and if you haven’t heard it yet I would say it would be straight into your digital shopping cart on first listen.

Getting into this release we have a fantastic two-track exhibit starting with release title “Face Your Fears”. The track starts of with a reverberated stretched vocal snippet carrying the title the track before getting straight into a deep rounded techno throb. It builds around cleverly worked hats and percussion before unleashing into and acid take over.

The acid influence in this track is not the standard 303 ear piecing squelchy ripping rhythms you would expect when the word “Acid” is mentioned, but rather is a warmer less ear fatiguing neatly grooved outlay. It also builds with another overlaid element which dare I say reminds me of the classic by “Laurent Garnier – Crispy Bacon”. More vocal snippets are used creatively throughout and it’s very hypnotic.

Next is the equally strong title “Leave House” – Here we have something that feels a little less on the driving side but nicely grooved and contains infectious funky synth rhythms. It’s very hypnotic with filtering vocal fx which carry the atmosphere of the track well. Id say this is defiantly one that will cross the boarders of the Techno to Tech house scene well with purpose.

On a whole another floor damaging release for “Terminal M’ and “Anna” simply at her best.

Review by Blue Amazon – Rated 9/10


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