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Blue Amazon & Brent Lawson – Continue (Pro-B-Tech Records)

The latest release on Pro-B-Tech Records finds Blue Amazon and Brent Lawson collaborating on a brand new single.

Blue Amazon & Brent Lawson - Continue

The UK duo have been the brains behind the label for the last year or so and took the partnership into the studio as well. As a growth of the joint venture Lee (Blue Amazon) and Brent have appropriately entitled their debut ‘Continue’ and they’ve gathered an all-star collection of remixes from Quivver, Sebastian Markiewicz and Ian Dillon.

The release begins with the original mix and finds Lee and Brent crafting a distinctively styled club cut. Backed by a tough kick, melodious bass stabs and a dark vocal element it means business straight away. There’s some lovely modulation over the first act while the melodic elements open up and brighter tones enter the mix. It builds to an epic frenzy before a timely break relieves the tension, before a stripped back portion of the groove initiates the final act, filled with shimmering melodies and emotive chord changes. Monster tune from Lee and Brent.

Pro-B-Tech Records always assembles great remixer casts and they’ve certainly done so here with Quivver leading things off. The UK born, US based artist takes the track into techier territory with excellent results. That vocal sample seems tailor made for a Quivver tune and he’s certainly worked it to its full hypnotic capabilities. With a fuller groove and dark, dubby approach it sits as a wonderful complement to the original. Some excellent design, particularly following the main break makes for several amazing moments before a more distinct lead emerges and seals it’s brilliance. Massive remix from Quivver.

Next up Sebastian Markiewicz makes his label debut and takes ‘Continue’ into his own analog wonderland. The melodic elements get reinvented wonderfully with a rougher, effervescent texture while a bevy of electronics dazzle the senses along the way. It’s quite cosmic sounding and there’s a lot to take in which is wonderful. The unpredictability of the storyboard is going to make for many great listens and there’s a nose for the dance floor as well all starting with a swing heavy groove. Top remix from Sebastian.

The release concludes with Ian Dillon who is also making his label debut. Fresh of remixing Chris Sterio & Sean McClellan ‘Alternate Avenues’ for Suffused Music the UK artist closes the release out with a strong interpretation of ‘Continue’. With a more progressive minded approach Ian brings a chugging groove and some gnarly synth work for a full throttle peak time revision. A strong lead line gets complemented beautifully with acid growls and the mesmerizing vocal which gets lost in a maze of spacey effects. Big remix from Ian and a great way to round out a strong offering form Pro-B-Tech Records. Don’t miss it.


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