BP – A Minor Turbulance/A Minor Shadow (Rewarewa)

New label Rewarewa offer up one of the year’s best releases with two stunning tracks from Belgian producer BP and a characteristically wicked remix from Dmitry Molosh.

BP has long demonstrated his capacity to make magic, with 2014’s utterly astonishing ‘Aguila’ and subsequent long-player perhaps offering prime examples. ‘A Minor Turbulence’ is another 9-minute long deep progressive number, and it has all the hallmarks of a future classic. The first few minutes built an atmospheric, pulsing groove, before the sequence leading to the main breakdown lets the hypnotic and utterly compelling central synth line gradually creep in, the melody flowering just in time for the track to take off again.

‘A Minor Shadow’ is a little subtler, with a punchy bassline, delicately spellbinding synths, and some very effective key changes setting the tone early on, while the first breakdown throws in some very nice, spiky melodies. One again, the real action happens during BP’s main breakdown, with a sequence that will raise the hairs on the back of the neck of any fan of progressive house, with its dancing melodies and emotional bass tones creating a real moment. This will not disappoint.

It’s always a pleasure to hear something new from Dmitry Molosh, one of the most hardworking and consistent producers on the scene, and he’s a great choice to remix ‘A Minor Shadow’. He gives the track a tougher feel, with crisper, hard-hitting percussion and two menacing bass parts hitting their prime quickly, and setting the stage for driving stabs, drifting vocal pads, and a wobbly take on BP’s melodies, while an electrifying breakdown nicely sets up a powerful but melodic drop – awesome.

This whole release is a delight from start to finish, with BP’s ‘A Minor Turbulence’ providing a highlight amongst highlights.


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