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BP – Aguilla/Ocean View (Plattenbank)

Belgian producer BP returns to Plattenbank, and delivers one of the best, most emotional tracks of 2014 so far.

‘Aguilla’ starts off innocently enough, with slick percussion building to the introduction of an intensifying offbeat bassline. The climb is superb, but it isn’t until three minutes in that the sheer beauty of the track starts to unveil itself, with lovely hooks and spacey pads perfectly complementing the chord sequence that begins to unfold. A fantastic use of vocal samples and another gorgeous melody lead us into the breakdown, where the strings deliver an emotional suckerpunch. This is a record that will break your heart, and leave you wanting more.

On the flipside BP serves up ‘Ocean View’, a tougher and groovier number with teasing percussion and a sparse, pulsing bassline. BP doesn’t lose the melodic vision of ‘Aguilla’ though, with the track letting atmospheric pads sweep out over a catchy hook, and throwing in playful strings for the finale. It’s not in the same league as ‘Aguilla’, for my money, but it’s still great in its own right.

This is a stellar release from Plattenbank, and our first taste of BP’s upcoming album on the label, currently sitting at number 1 in Hernan Cattaneo’s chart – it’s hard not to suspect we’re in for something pretty special. 9/10


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