Bruno Caro – Babule/Julia (Stripped Digital)

Bruno Caro’s ‘Gracias’ EP on Stripped Digital earlier this year marked his introduction to the scene, and this great two-track follow-up should get even more people to sit up and take notice.

‘Babule’ kicks off with crisp percussion and hazy pads, which are soon joined by a chugging bassline, trancey stabs, and sparse chimes. A deeper bass part underwrites the groove as Bruno Caro treats his listeners to some abstract, spacey reverberating melodies, and the second half of the track introduces yet another hypnotic hook. This is nice, understated melodic progressive house with the twin bass part providing a lot of its appeal.

‘Julia’ sees Bruno Caro taking a funkier approach, with a cool and groovy bassline immediately catching your attention. As on ‘Babule’, he soon works in a second bass part, while the top-end is packed full of urgent synths. The melodies come two minutes in, with glassy chimes meeting atmospheric sweeps. The combination of the dancing, psychedelic melodies and the relentlessly slinky basslines is incredibly effective – this is my pick of the two tracks for sure.

This is a really nice release showing Stripped Digital developing a promising new talent. Both of Bruno Caro’s tracks are very easy on the ears, but it’s ‘Julia’ that gets my personal vote.


What do you think?

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