Guy J – Stolen Memories (Plattenbank)

Plattenbank are on a total roll at the moment, and this latest release looks very unlikely to slow their momentum, with a great new track from none other than Guy J and a wonderful remix from label-boss Guy Mantzur.

Guy’s original of ‘Stolen Memories’ sees him in a deep, techy mode, with biting percussion and reverberating metallic stabs leading the charge, and a low-slung groove and a hypnotic two-note hook soon establishing themselves. Guy J uses lightning forks of melody very sparsely, so that they lift the track at just the right moments, while the main breakdown reduced things almost to a whisper before unleashing a moody  finale.

Guy Mantzur’s recent remix of Chicola on Plattenbank was sublime, and his take on Guy J’s track here is at least as good. The rolling bassline is very reminiscent of another fantastic Mantzur remix on the label recently, Mike Griego and Amber Long’s ‘Sofia’, while the top end shimmers with delicate chimes, and the breakdown introduces a tripped-out, evocative melody, which reemerges towards the end of the track to leave a final emotional-high water mark. If anyone wants to tell you that the classic progressive house sound is dead or obsolete, just play them this beauty.

This is a must-have release from Plattenbank, with a superb original from Guy J, and another slice of perfection from Guy Mantzur on the flip-side.


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