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Carlos Sanchez discusses his approach to producing, top summer releases and his latest track on Hottrax Paradise EP Part II

The Spanish artist debuts this week on Jamie Jones’ imprint Hottrax

Lowwaxx boss and renowned DJ/Producer Carlos Sanchez has had a busy summer with new releases on the likes of Roush and Dubnation Records whilst managing a busy performance schedule. He is now invited to join forces with Sizeup and Monoky & Luis Miranda for the second installment of Hottrax’s Paradise series ‘Hottrax Paradise EP Part II’.

We wanted to catch up with Carlos ahead of the release to find out more about it, his approach to producing and what he has been playing out this summer.

Hi Carlos, thanks for chatting with us today! Before we kick things off, what are you up to currently? Are you planning your next set or arranging studio time?

Hello guys! I’ve been totally involved in working in my studio. I’ve had a very nice year so far, preparing new eps, remixes and coming back to my roots, doing exactly what I want, what I feel but above all… doing the music I’d love to play again on any dancefloor.

It took me a while to be back in the game but I’m happy, feeling freshness to keep playing with my beloved machines.

That’s great to hear and it’s definitely been a welcome return of yours. Recently you have played alongside Nicolas Lutz, Ferro and Melvo Baptiste. What is next on the cards?

I played with Nicolas and Ferro a few months ago and I had a blast! Celebrating my birthday as well alongside my good friends Javier Carballo, Berna and Hanfry Martinez, these guys are really on fire right now!

Besides this, I’m organizing some parties in my hometown where I’m based, Gran Canaria. It’s summertime so the weather is perfect to have a nice good meeting with friends and some guests, also I’ll be heading to London and Paris in a few months, so can’t wait to come back!

We will have to keep an eye out for when you are here. So with all of your gigs, what are your top five tracks which you’ve been playing this summer?

1) S.A.M. – “Fury’s Laughter” [PIV]

2. Robin EE – “Keep On” (Deep & Far) [EE-FFICACY Recordings]

3. Carlos Sanchez – “Rigmarole” [Hottrax]

4. Hanfry Martinez & Carlos Sanchez – “Aluminosis” [Roush Label]

5. Javier Carballo – “Jacking” [Rooted Series]

Do you prefer playing club nights or at festivals? Do you find you get different crowd interaction by comparing the two?

Well, if I had to choose I’d be more comfortable in clubs, especially small ones… BUT, I’ve had incredible experiences playing at big festivals as well!

It depends on your mood you know, the vibe, sound-system, the crowd… there are many factors to consider too. If I feel the energy no matter where, that’s enough, it’s all about to have a conversation with the crowd though, sometimes you can do it shorter, longer but if the message is clear enough… both places are truly magic to remind I guess! : )

Your track ‘Rigmarole’ in the last Hottrax Paradise EP has some serious energy. Where did you get the inspiration to write this track?

I wrote that track thinking just one thing… “I need to do something that makes me feel the necessity to get up from the chair”, and suddenly that happened, I started to dance in my studio, really had a blast working on this track.

I use my MFB Tanzbar for the drums with some analog distortion tricks, the incredible Moog Mother 32 and my lovely KORG MS2000. These 3 toys were enough hardware. The digital path was pretty easy too… some glitched vocals carefully treated with some plugs and Logic Pro X.

During this process, I just needed to connect with the dancefloor feeling… get out of the box for a while and luckily found the energy that I was looking for.

What is your ‘go-to’ studio equipment when producing a track?

I like the idea to be changing tools, I think it’s a good way to discover new techniques to find a better sound and develop new skills but there are some machines that I use a lot here: MFB Tanzbar (as mentioned before), Cyclone TT-303 (the best 303 clone for me), Moog Mother 32 also… these guys have the best filter ever and an amazing warm sound!

Of course my beatstep pro, everything’s is easier and fun with this beauty. Obviously, my first synth KORGMS2000… and finally my Soundcraft Signature MTK22, amazing mixer and soundcard.

How was ‘Rigmarole’ received and who have supported it so far?

I couldn’t be happier, to be honest, it’s getting lovely support from Marco Carola, Dennis Ferrer, Steve Lawler, Hector Couto, Cuartero, Technasia, Bushwacka, East End Dubs, Archie Hamilton, Jamie Jones, of course, playing it at Kappa FuturFestival (embedded above), amazing video! and lot of great friends playing it in every set. I’m very thankful for this support!

As you are currently based in Spain, how would you say the electronic music scene is developing? Do you find it influential and what would you say is your favourite club?

The electronic music scene enjoys a good period of health. Specially in Canary Islands, we have a very solid scene with a very special touch, it might be because of the weather and definitely our UK roots back in the 90s but, most of the well-known guys here as my good friends Javier Carballo or Hanfry Martinez are always on fire!

Really good spots with serious line ups scheduled the whole year, good festivals, beach clubs, etc. I highly recommend some vacations here guys, you’ll love our little paradise! : )

It’s definitely going to be one for the bucket list! Are there any upcoming projects we should keep an eye out for?

I’m working harder than never nowadays and there are some ideas on mind but I don’t want to talk too loud about them, I just want to make them happen, but basically, the same method, keep working in the studio, doing some collaborations with good friends, remixes and re-organizing my forthcoming gigs.

That’s exciting to hear and thanks for chatting with us today Carlos, hopefully catch you soon!

Thanks for this interview guy, peace!! x


Hottrax Paradise EP Part II drops on 23rd August 2019, featuring Carlos Sanchez, Sizeup and Monoky & Luis Miranda and will be available here: Hottrax Releases

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