Chicola is back on Sudbeat with a superb three track EP, showcasing his distinctive blend of deep, melodic, and deliciously dark sounds.

Chicola’s title track, ‘Nux Vomica’ is all spiky percussion, relentless low-slung basslines, and haunting, atmospheric vocal pads, with a spacious, dubby breakdown punctuated by electrifying bursts of bass, which return to periodically supercharge the second half. Awesome.

Chicola’s next track, ‘Her Song’, is even better. Another 10+ minute epic, this time we’re treated to shimmering ripples of melody and an intensely cool bassline that’ll have you bouncing. A clever arrangement and some wonderfully intricate effects on the melodic elements keep things ticking along nicely, while the main drop jacks up the excitement levels at just the right moment.

Finally, Chicola drops ‘Jeedo’, which is techier than the other two, with mechanical percussion and a wobbly bassline. Hypnotic synths give the track plenty of forward momentum, while gentle, enticing chimes keep up the melodic sensibilities on show throughout Chicola’s EP. The breakdown is a reverberating, chiming delight, leading to a fantastic moment when the bass is reintroduced.

I really liked Chicola’s last EP on Sudbeat – but I like this one a whole lot more. Quality from start to finish, with ‘Her Song’ being my favourite by a whisker.


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