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Chicola & Sonic Union – Crucify Your Mind/Domino Effect (Lowbit)

This is Lowbit‘s 150th release, and to mark the milestone properly, label-boss Sonic Union steps up to the plate for this excellent double A-side in collaboration with Chicola, who made his debut on the label with ‘Northern Exposure’ last year.

‘Crucify Your Mind’ is the warmer of the pair, with a hypnotic rolling bassline and rich percussion underpinning a simple but captivating chiming hook. The highlight of the track, though, comes nearly at the end, when Chicola & Sonic Union use the final breakdown to hit us with a blast of soaring, blissful melody.

My pick of the two is ‘Domino Effect’. It’s initially cold and mechanical, with churning, submerged basslines contrasting with the crisp percussion, but its soon steeped in atmospheric synths that build suspense as the track heads towards the breakdown. Here we’re treating to a surprise burst of rippling, shifting melody which lifts the mood considerably, before a wickedly treated vocal sample sets up the drop into the bass-led finale.

This is a great release from Chicola and Sonic Union, flaunting both the label’s groovier, more progressive side on ‘Crucify Your Mind’, and it’s techier side on ‘Domino Effect’, and with the melodic touches providing a common theme in both. Excellent stuff from Lowbit, and a fine way to celebrate a terrific achievement. 8.5/10


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