Cody Chase Keeps the Bass Pumping in March Episodes of “The Chase”

DJ and producer Cody Chase continued his impressive run of weekly shows with the March episodes of ‘The Chase,’ which kept fans of Techno and Tech House music on the edge of their seats. As always, the show featured expert mixing, carefully curated tracks, and support for emerging talent in the Electronic Dance music scene. 

In a special episode titled ‘Miami Music Week 2023 Ultra Edition,’ Cody Chase celebrated his favorite hometown festival by delivering an unforgettable mix. The episode featured a range of high-energy Techno and Tech House tracks, perfectly capturing the Miami Music Week vibe. The special episode was a treat for fans, and showcased Cody Chase’s passion for the festival and the music. 

As if the special episode wasn’t enough, Cody Chase also shared exciting news with his fans. He announced the release of two new Tech House tracks, ‘Stay Tuned’ and ‘Same Old Game,’ on his own label, Chasin’ Records. The tracks were released on Friday, March 24, and are now available on Beatport, Spotify, Apple Music, and other music platforms. Fans can expect the same high-quality beats and basslines that they have come to expect from Cody Chase, along with his signature mixing style. 

The March episodes of ‘The Chase’ continued to deliver the same high-energy mix of Techno and Tech House music that fans have come to expect. Cody Chase’s passion for the music was evident in every episode, and his support for emerging talent is commendable. With each episode, Cody Chase’s global reach continues to grow, and his impact on the electronic dance music scene is undeniable. 

Last month’s episodes of ‘The Chase’ were a thrilling addition to the world of Techno and Tech House music, featuring expert mixing, carefully curated tracks, and support for emerging talent. The special Miami Music Week Ultra Edition was a highlight, giving listeners an opportunity to enjoy Cody Chase’s latest tracks. With each episode, ‘The Chase’ continues to make an impact in the Electronic Dance music scene, and fans can look forward to more high-energy mixes and new releases from Cody Chase and his Chasin’ Records label. 

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