Irish producer Cristior returns to Lowbit, following up his searing remix of Rikki Sawyer’s ‘Nerve Switch’ a year ago with this terrific three track EP.

‘Fusion Field’ is solo outing for Cristior, delivering a pulsing bassline, electrifying basslines and cleverly arranged percussion as it builds slowly towards the breakdown. Here we’re treated to a catchy chiming hook, which really comes into its own as we hit the main breakdown, where the track explodes into cascading melodies backed by strong key changes.

Cristior teams up with Belfast-based producer Ronan Teague for ‘The Back Corner’, an urgent yet hazy track that refuses to be pigeon-holed. Buzzing synths, ethereal vocals and a phenomenal bassline pull the listener in, before a truly gorgeous breakdown introduces the main hook. The restrained percussion keeps the track relatively well-behaved, which lets the interlocking melodies really shine through.

‘Precider’ floats warm and sparkling techno themes over a crunchy breakbeat, building to a fluttering, satisfying finale as the different melodies cohere beautifully.

This is a fantastically distinctive EP from Cristior (with Ronan Teague’s help, of course), with ‘Fusion Field’ and ‘The Back Corner’ both serving up unique melodic moments for the dancefloor, and ‘Precider’ providing the perfect soundtrack to picking up the pieces afterwards. 8.5/10

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