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Prolific artist Dosem celebrates the release of his third artist album “City Cuts” on arguably one of the world’s finest imprints, Suara. 

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In these days of instant gratification and ever-demanding release schedules, the artist album seems to often take the backseat for many producers and labels. It’s a shame in a way, as the artist never really gets the opportunity to develop their creativity and really delve into what inspires them and is just focusing on the next big hit instead!

Marc “Dosem” Ramirez may however be the antithesis to my last statement. The guy seems to have no trouble pumping out an amazing volume of music year after year, a true definition of the word “prolific”. Ever since his storming breakthrough into the big-time with his track “Beach Kisses” he’s been on a roll and eagerly snapped up by a vast array of quality labels keen to capitalise on his very distinct, unique and clever sonic abilities. Around 2012 it became easier to ‘spot’ a Dosem tune out of the constant stream of housey-techno tracks that flood the music retail stores. He’s managed to define a new sound, which breaches the accessibility of big-room techno, but never diverting too far from the melodic emotional connection that all dance floors need and crave.

His third artist album is a collection of original tracks, and if you think you’re in for more of Marc’s signature sound from recent years, think again! Right from the opening track “Runnerpark”, it’s clear Marc has decided to surprise us all. The futuristic sounds of this monster track layered over a droning and imposing bassline, eventually give way to some sublimely luscious pads and an arpeggiated bell sounding melody that seems to channel Mike Oldfield. But it’s not until the second half of the track that we truly understand Marc’s vision as he winds back the tempo and morphs the track into a massively percussive break-beat soundscape. Amazing work and what better way to introduce an album!

Returning temporarily to more familiar melodic tech-house territory for “Message” Dosem employs his tried and true bouncy percussion and ravey synth-stabs to provide a wicked uplifting dance floor thumper.

“Expression” has an almost-disco vibe. The house-heads will love this cut, simple, refined, with a subtle female vocal creeping in at opportune moments to assist with the tension.

“Lost Taxi” jumps out of nowhere to remind us of Dosem’s musical depth and artistic flair, stripping back the percussion and lathering on the cinematic and orchestral themes to take us, in an instant, to some far-flung tropical beach party at sunrise. Definitely one of the highlights of the album for me, even though it won’t be entirely suitable to most dance floors, I love it purely because it reminds me what this genuinely talented musician is capable of.

“Cuts or Cats”, “City Pulse” and “Linked” are designed for smiles, taking things back to the sweaty dance floor with all of Dosem’s trademark moves but still elevating themselves above many of his recent big-sound tracks with pleasant vocal stabs, a hint of summer-themed brass elements and three breakdown-drop combos to die for.

Turn the lights out and crank up the smoke machine for “Streetout” and “Loft Dancers”, both prime for the heaving festival crowds – techno DJs will be buying these weapons for sure.

“Cos of Me” is another rare moment where we hear Dosem pulling back the curtain of his more typical sounds and revealing his true artistic side, stepping up the melodic elements and developing even more unique sounds that once again embrace a lovely female vocal but all the while creating dance floor tension and emotional intensity. My third favourite off this amazing long-player.

Closing out the album with a track any different to “No Past” would have been rather disappointing so it was a certain relief when the track’s intro swelled into a mammoth break-beat layered under some swelling vocal stabs, pads and one of the most insane basslines I’ve heard in 2014. Vocalist “Louder Bays” lends her lyrical expertise to lift this track to an even higher level of epicness, managing to take the listener simultaneously between the raves of today and those of the 1990s allowing us to let the album fade out to completion on a true high. Easily my favourite track of the album and deserving of muchos elogios!

City cuts is out on September 22nd



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