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Cristoph – Foregone Conclusion EP 2 (Selador)

Selador kicks off 2016 in style with a look back at one of their strongest releases of 2015, Cristoph’s ‘Foregone Conclusion’ EP, boasting brand new interpretations by Kiko, Dave Seaman, Kevin Over, and Lonya.

Kiko’s remix of Cristoph’s ‘Foregone Conclusion’ is fantastic – he wisely keeps the drama and melody of Cristoph’s original intact, while adding some dramatic touches of his own, and beefing the track up. What works so well here, particularly in the last third of the track, is the combination of the really propulsive, driving elements, and the sweetly abstract melodies – great stuff.

Selador’s own Dave Seaman is up next, taking on Cristoph’s ‘Diggin’ In’. It’s a perfect match, with Seaman keeping the tension levels even higher than on the original, pairing heavy percussion with intense bassy growls, but still managing to leave plenty of room for Cristoph’s layered, almost psychedelic melodies to shine and entice.

Probably the remix here that departs most from the original is Kevin Over’s ‘Sputnikschock’ mix of ‘Moments’, which was one of my favourite tracks from the original EP. Cristoph’s track is virtually unrecognizable amongst the old school breaks, acid lines, and mournful pads of the opening couple of minutes, but after the two minute mark Kevin Over nicely starts to work in nods to the original, starting with the bassline and vocal samples, and then teasing in elements of the track’s melody lines. The final sequence ramps up the 303 action, which is most welcome too.

Finally, we have Lonya, hot off excellent releases on Sudbeat and Plattenbank, taking on ‘Time for Change’. Lonya builds a nice techy groove, built around a rumbling bass part, before gradually working in the chattering synths from Cristoph’s original. Lonya keeps his remix on the understated side, never really exploring the melodic side of Cristoph’s track, but I think that works really well – the final result is dark, hypnotic and driving.

This release really does justice to Cristoph’s outstanding EP, with all four remixers delivering something special – highly recommended!


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