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What’s In Your Box: Erich Von Kollar

With Erich Von Kollar’s remix of Sebastian Busto ‘Dreamers’ out this week on Stellar Fountain, we take a look at his favourite tracks of the moment in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

Erich Von Kollar

1. Novakk – Animals [Secadero]

Anytime I hear this track gives me goose bumps. It can really lift people up with the screwed melodies and energetic bassline.

2. Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Paul Deep & Martin Gardoqui Unofficial Remix) [CDR]

It’s a cool bomb to blasting the club, a great bootleg of a big classic. A proper groovy and danceable version for the dancefloor. The guys made it!

3. Hernan Cattaneo & Guy Mantzur – Imaginarium (Mike Griego Remix) [Sudbeat]

This is a monster tune with a very massive groove and mysterious atmosphere. There is no one who wouldn’t move his/her legs while it’s sounding in the club.

4. Quivver – Pictures [Sudbeat]

This track delivers really nice vibes for the audience. The vox gives an additional nice feeling next to the quirky bassline and fascinating atmosphere.  

5. Blusoul – Modular Memories (Guy Mantzur Remix) [Lost & Found]

Really hypnotic touch by Guy. I love the theme of this remix, a cool trip.

6. Cassino & Laben – Fake Acoustic Ensemble (East Cafe Remix) [Yang]

This is another masterpiece from my dear friend Gábor (East Cafe). I’m in love with this remix. Beautiful song! 

7. Guy J – Bungalow [Bedrock]

That bassline kills me! I love the dynamics of the intense groove and the whole theme with dark atmosphere.

8. Khen – Emergency Routine [microCastle]

A very massive track from Khen. Really unique stuff which sounds so clean.

9. Andrea Cassino – De Los Alpes A Los Andes [Soundteller]

I’m a big fan of Andrea’s music. He always works with clear soundscapes combined with powerful bassline’s and sexy grooves as we can hear it in this track too.

10. Guy J – Sunset In Miami [Bedrock]

Perfect for the chilling moments. A nice melodic downtempo track with sweet synth riffs and a pleasant groove.

Erich’s remix of Sebastian Busto ‘Dreamers’ is out now on Stellar Fountain, you can purchase those releases: here


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