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As 2019 comes to a close the talented and prolific Rome-based DJ/producer selects 10 of the all-time best releases on his acclaimed techno label Riot Recordings, which features his latest dancefloor destroyer with the UK-based A.S.H., ‘Jealousy’.

  1. Frankyeffe – Tiger: Buy HERE

This is the fourth single I released on my label Riot Recordings this year. Tiger is dedicated to my cat because he is always in my studio with me during in my sessions. Those stabs start flexing their claws and that low rumbling acid starts miaowing, the mood flips into something much more rave-influenced and scattier. Dramatic and intense, it’ll have your floor stalking and prowling on a nine-life level. This track is in classic Riot Style!

  1. Devid Dega , Raul Mezcolanza – Cosmo (Bolster Remix): Buy HERE

Devid Dega returns to Riot with Raul Mezcolanza with two original tracks and with two remixes by Bolster and Luca Marchese. This was Riot’s best selling EP of 2019. Bolster’s remix has climbed the Beatport chart remaining on the chart for months, a beautiful success. This remix on the dancefloor is deadly.

  1. Frankyeffe, A.S.H – jealousy: Buy HERE

My last single of 2019 is ‘Jealousy’ made together with A.S.H. It’s the first time I’ve collaborated with the Portsmouth-based and fellow We Are The Brave DJ/producer. This essential single release is brutal right from the off, utilizing pounding percussion and thick textures, ‘Jealousy’ sounds out both DJ’s ability in sonic magnitude. The track’s pulse is punishing throughout, building with swelling synth aggression before finally revving up its overbearing distortion into an ear-splitting crescendo. I tested this track and the result is fantastic!

  1. Heerhorst – La Renaissance Du Rave: Buy HERE

Heerhorst is a great producer from Germany; he’s released this EP on Riot and a remix of Sall and Stefano Pelle’s ‘Intersections’. I’ve chosen to include La Renaissance Du Rave within this chart because the title of the track has a meaning about the current situation of today’s techno sound! This track garnered support from Rebekah and many other DJs. Super Tune!

  1. Brennen Grey – Pange Eternal (Rudosa Remix): Buy HERE

I play this remix a lot in my sets the sounds are hard but melodic. The energy in this production is amazing!

  1. Some Me – Palace: Buy HERE

This track is from a great guy based in Rome and is the resident at my party Traintek also in Rome. His first EP on Riot was great. This track was charted from Maceo Plex and received a lot of support from other DJs too.

  1. Daniel Beknackt – Resist: Buy HERE

This track is by another resident DJ from of my own party Traintek. Daniel’s track Resist has been supported by Charlotte De Witte, Joseph Capriati and many others. It’s a great acid track!

  1. David Granha – Not A Song (Dok & Martin): Buy HERE

Fantastic remix by Dok & Martin, absolutely one of the better remixes of the year. The energy, the melody and the power of this remix is incredible.

  1. Frankyeffe, Teenage Mutants – Polymath: Buy HERE

This collaboration has been a winner. We climbed the Beatport chart and the track was supported by everyone. It’s one of my best singles to be released on Riot.

  1. Frankyeffe – Snare: Buy HERE

I dedicated a T-shirt with the name of this track to the Riot collection. This production is devastating; every time I play it it makes me panic, the delirium on the dancefloor. It is present in all of my DJ sets.






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Gaston Zani

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