D.M.P – Passion & Pain (Stellar Fountain Deep)

The latest release on Stellar Fountain Deep welcomes D.M.P back to the label for a brand new EP.

D.M.P - Passion & Pain (Stellar Fountain Deep)

An acronym for Deep Music Project and also a relatively well known alias of Robert R Hardy focuses on (as you would guess) deeper, dubbier house with great atmospheric qualities. I think this is where it all began for the Hungarian artist until he eventually started broadening his output and chose Robert R. Hardy for more progressive minded productions. Much like the Robert alias D.M.P has been an integral part of both Stellar Fountain imprints. Here he makes his ninth appearance on the Deep division with a new single alongside remixes from Dust Yard and Silva.

I personally love Robert’s D.M.P stuff, even more than his Robert R. Hardy alias actually. There’s always a great mystique about the tracks and ‘Passion & Pain’ is no different. It’s deep, dubby vibe is such a joy to listen to and the design is lovely, very organic and dusty sounding, just a pleasure to ears. The vocal samples drift with a hazy gate and just add to the meditative qualities of the track. What makes this so great is how the minor details come with such impact, when the clap drops after the main break it’s such an profound moment in the track and this is something that gets lost with bigger sounding music. Some famous people once said you don’t need a sledgehammer to crack open an egg and that certainly applies here. 

Both remixes stick to the late night feel but bring their own unique twists starting with Dust Yard who beefs up the drums and overall framework for some added punch. It’s brings a greater dance floor sensibility while the hazy, cosmic drift of the original runs through it nicely. The vocals come off a bit more pronounced as well and a misty second act brings the hypnotic intensity down just enough for a powerful finale. Gorgeous remix from Dust Yard.

The release concludes with Silva making his label debut following strong releases on Freegrant Music and Dansant. For as deep and dubby as the original was Silva takes it one step further with great results. The muted kick and rough rhythmic qualities stand out immediately before the icy atmospheres descend over the framework for a lovely vibe. The chopped vocals add nice variety compared to the previous two versions while the break delivers the most emotive moment on the EP with warm bass changes. Lovely work from Silva and a great way to round out the release. Quality music from Stellar Fountain Deep. Don’t miss it.


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