Deas – The Yellow Dragon [Particles]


Counting Greece, Belgium and Poland as home at various points in his life journey thus far, Krakow based artist, Deas, has formed a “fascination” with music in a variety of forms and from an array of cultural references. Ultimately leading to an affinity with “electronic music inspired by the achievements of Portishead and Sebastien Leger” and culminating with his production work here today, the release of Deas’ two-track “The Yellow Dragon” EP.

With “creativity and originality” at the heart of his love affair with dance music, a hybrid of styles based on house in its progressive, deep and tech styles, provide the fundamentals for Deas’ own unique brand of EDM. This blend has brought Deas on a path that has seen over 100 Beatport production credits since his first work with fellow Pole, Chris Asper, for the impressive Progrezo imprint in 2009. Following this notable progressive salvo, Deas has gone on to grace the catalogues of Balkan Connection, Nueva Digital and Baroque which, in turn, has led to the recent creation of his own music label. Part of the growing Proton label family, Deas’ upcoming release for his “Secret Room” imprint will announce itself on the world dance stage with a remix from iconic duo Pig & Dan.

Confirming Deas’ penchant for creativity, opening track “In the car” is a deep, evolving and progressive affair with a pounding bass drum forming the foundation for rich textured layers to create an emotive sense of foreboding through bass heavy pads and subtle pairing with breathy high-end and acid-tinged motifs. A series of explosive percussive elements then puncture the rolling groove to produce a dance floor destroyer that will ensure “In the car” is sure to be found ‘in the club’.

Title track “The Yellow Dragon” follows the pounding metronomic four-to-the-floor beat of its predecessor but the tribal rhythms bring an extra dimension to the expertly crafted groove. As the track reaches its second phase, a distinct delayed stab plays perfect accompaniment to the rhythm section as it pans dizzily across the stereo spectrum in rapid-fire fashion. Filtering in and out seamlessly against the cascading beats, a breakdown allows pause for breath before the all elements meld to an epic conclusion.

Twin tracks of fire-breathing energy have emerged from the creative mind of Deas and “The Yellow Dragon” looks set to scale new heights across Poland and beyond.


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