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Dousk – Bisocial EP [Proton Music]


Born in the Greek capital, Athenian John Ntouskos, has developed an impressive set of credentials under his globally renowned Dousk pseudonym, now honed to perfection with his debut, “Bisocial” EP on Particles.

Launching himself onto the underground dance scene with consummate ease, a background in classical musical studies and electronic music production provided the bedrock for an eponymously titled EP on John Digweed’s legendary imprint and a strong signal of intent of what was to follow from the prodigious Greek talent. With a range of electronic influences, “whether 60s and 70s psychedelia…late 70s disco…and 90s Detroit and Italo-techno”, the Dousk sound has been responsible for almost 300 Beatport production credits including two full-length albums, gracing an array of trusted labels including Plusquam, Klik and Vapour Recordings. Indeed, it is with the latter that Dousk has formed a particularly fruitful relationship leading to such classic cuts as “Snowcone”, “Dirty Teeth” and “Blender” with remixes from such leading lights as Kassey Voorn, Ricky Ryan and Nick Warren.

Embarking upon his Proton Music career with a typically innovative remix of Tvardovsky’s “Infinite”, Dousk’s upcoming remix of DNYO’s “Roots” continues a burgeoning relationship which has developed further still with the homogeneous twin-track “Bisocial” EP and its striking artwork from Proton creative guru, Ben Mautner.

Opening track, “Look Good Tonight” epitomises Dousk’s “focus on providing quality music”, regardless of perceived style or genre. An opening comprised of lilting rhythm is soon energised by a shaker-driven pattern and hint of the cavernous bass vibrancy set to dominate throughout. This bass groove, locked to the accompanying percussive section and synth stabs, provides the foundation for carefully constructed layers of melody and effects to constantly direct the listener’s attention. The addition of smouldering spoken vocal sample further adds to the deep, driving energy, perfectly representing a filmic quality and the uneasiness inherent in the EP title, accentuated through the cinematic breakdown of “Looks Good Tonight”.

Just in time, Partner track “Jit Jit” provides a lighter counterbalance to its predecessor with a deliciously melodic refrain that penetrates the listener’s subconscious with effortless rhythmic beauty. The combination of a straightforward house beat pattern and simple female vocal snippets – playing forward and reverse with accompanying reverb to sublime effect – serves only to confirm the skill with which Dousk is able to weave the various components together to form a tech-house jewel with unparalleled quality.

Dousk’s arrival at Proton Music has heralded an outpouring of creativity that has fed the inner demons of John Ntsouskos’ “Bisocial” EP.


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