Derek Howell - Lickety Split (Soundteller Edition)

The latest release on Deersky’s Soundteller Records finds the label showcasing Derek Howell’s ‘Lickety Split’ for the second volume of its ‘Edition’ series.

Derek Howell - Lickety Split (Soundteller Edition)

Originally released in September of 2015 on Proton, the track contained a remix from Dopamine’s Nikko.Z, which ended up being Beatport’s #3 Must Hear track for that week. Now we see Soundteller calling upon label artists Matias Chilano and Micrologue to update the track for 2016. 

Derek’s definitely a producer with his own distinctive design qualities and the remixer choices here are excellent I think. Matias Chilano now making his 10th appearance takes the track into deeper more subversive territory. Anchored by a chunky, acidic groove it’s doesn’t take long for this one to grab a hold of you. The lead themes from Derek’s original carry a more indistinct, almost ethereal quality and meld well with Matias’ glowing atmospheric surroundings. A magical break only adds to its melodious storyboard and it’s stripped down drop keeps a firm dance floor sensibility about the piece as a whole. Top notch remix from Matias.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Lickety Split’ is provided by Micrologue who is making his third appearance on the label. If you go back over the Soundteller discography there are a lot of great memories and the German producer was definitely responsible for two defining moments. Micrologue’s remixes of Rodrigo Mateo and Criss Deeper both captured a wonderful emotion in a techno inspired concept. It’s a pretty difficult thing to do and there are very few producers who excel at it but Micrologue’s done it again here. It’s razor sharp synth work immediately stands out, grating and kaleidoscopic in nature it lays down a framework of amazing character for the emotive motifs to work over. As the rhythmic elements grow to prominence a shimmering effervesce descends over the mix, ultimately initiating the breakdown. Here Derek’s lead theme gets a treatment amidst a band textural bliss. It’s an amazing moment and one which get’s further explored during a grandiose finale. A beautiful remix from Micrologue which rounds out one of Soundteller’s all time best releases in style. Highly Recommended. 

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