Desaturate – The Unholy Mountain (Particles)

Desaturate continues an incredibly strong run with an excellent three track EP on Particles, showcasing his distinctive driving and hypnotic progressive sound.

‘Detract’ gets under steam with a wobbly bassline and irresistible hi-hats, though a second more propulsive bassline soon gives the track both heft and uplift. Ambient, trippy melodic touches add a new dimension to the track, and they grow and surge as Desaturate pushes the track towards a thrilling drop. ‘Frostbite’ has a weaving, hypnotic sound, which intensifies over the first few minutes of the track. In full flight, it’s a thing of beauty, with Desaturate adding little melodic flourishes around the edges without compromising his relentless groove, while the breakdown adds in acidic tinges and a stronger hook, which prove devastatingly effective as the track thunders back to life again. Finally, ‘Unholy’ immediately whips up a frenzy with a nasty bass loop, while its initially soothing pads prove to be a bit of a rouse, as they intensify before giving way to more acidic licks. The middle sequence of the track sees Desaturate lighten the mood with some very understated and sparse synths, though the 303-lines aren’t banished for long.

This is fantastic stuff from Desaturate and Particles, with ‘Frostbite’ being my pick of the three, and ‘Detract’ coming in a very close second.


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