Neptun 505 – The Reason You Exist (Stellar Fountain)

The latest release on Stellar Fountain welcomes Neptun 505 back to the label for a new EP.

Neptun 505 - The Reason Yoiu Exist

The Polish artist is making his sixth appearance on the Hungarian imprint following outings on Hydrogen, Electronic Tree and Inmost Records. His latest for Stellar Fountain is entitled ‘The Reason You Exist’ and comes alongside remixes from qoob and Controlwerk. 

The release begins with the title selection and finds Neptun 505 crafting a dreamy progressive number. The track builds a solid foundation with thick slabs of bass and wavy synths, while a nice complement of drums makes it immediately danceable. The introduction of a vocal proves to be a big moment, courtesy of Shabboo Harper they remain quite breathy and indistinct, ultimately leading to a trippy main break where they get to shine just a touch more. There’s a very mysterious air about the vocals, something quite cosmic which sets up a complementary third act where the atmospheres rise higher and bright motifs steal the air. Wonderful work from Neptun 505.

Meanwhile qoob, making their fourth appearance on the label take the track into progressive techno land with a greater emphasis on the vocals. The duos electric designs are immediately captivating and a smooth flow of tripped out lines make for a great stream of energy. Probably one of qoob’s spaciest productions actually and it’s definitely one where you get lost in all the acid-like layers and textural drifts. Lovely work from qoob who make a nice return after a two month break between releases.

The companion piece ‘Flashbacks Of Past’ carries on nicely where ‘The Reason You Exist’ left off. Neptun 505 continues to explore smooth progressive grooves, warm bass swells and spacey soundscapes. Catchy melodic hooks play a big role in the first act and make for a wonderful old school vibe. This leads to a delicate main break where the melodic clusters drift endlessly before that deep, funk laden foundation returns for a big moment. A wonderful complement to ‘The Reason You Exist’. 

The lone interpretation of ‘Flashbacks Of Past’ is provided by Controlwerk who is making his second appearance on Stellar Fountain. The Polish artist appeared on the Hungarian label’s Deep division in February of last year with his ‘Falling Apart EP’. A regular on Electronic Tree, Controlwerk has also been featured on Traum and Spring Tube. Here he closes the release out with a deeper take on ‘Flashbacks Of Past’. Anchored by a subversive groove, it’s metallic inner workings shine all through an amazing first act and lead to a gorgeous break. It might be the best moment on the EP with its detailed design and emotive undertones. It preludes a fantastic third act which ends the release off on a great note. Wonderful remix from Controlwerk and another great offering from Stellar Fountain. Don’t miss it.


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