Matter & GMJ – Superposition (Proton)

‘Superposition’ sees two Australian talents, Matter & GMJ, team up for two wonderfully deep progressive numbers on Proton.

‘Atoms’ is up first, and it draws the listener in with soft airy pads and crisp percussion, before Matter & GMJ drop warm bass tones and subtle but satisfying melodies. Gorgeous clipped vocal samples and more dreamy melodies take us into a tension-filled breakdown, while the second half ups the intensity levels a notch further.

‘Space Between’ opens with moody, twisting acidic sounds, but Matter & GMJ’s melodic touch is back on show almost as soon as the kick drum powers up, with gorgeous smooth synths punctuated by explosive melodic stabs, and further hooks getting a grip in the first breakdown. As the track single-mindedly plows towards the main breakdown, melodic stabs and electric growls drive it forward, while the breakdown introduces some devastating chord changes underneath the rippling hook, creating a standout moment before the track goes up through the gears one last time. I think I slightly prefer this to ‘Atoms’, but it’s definitely a close thing.

Fans of a classic powerful-yet-melodic progressive house sound are going to love this EP from Matter & GMJ. Those who don’t like that sound probably aren’t. I’m pretty sure I know which side I’m on.


What do you think?

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