Difstate – Moments With You (Aethereal)

The latest release on Aethereal welcomes Difstate to the label for his debut single.

Difstate - Moments With You (Aethereal)

The Dutch producer is fresh off releases for PHW Elements and OLD SQL Recordings which showcased his deep, melodic sound wonderfully. Now making his much anticipated debut on Aethereal Difstate presents his latest studio creation entitled ‘Moments With You’ alongside remixes from Cream & Deep Fog, East Cafe and Serge Landar. 

For all those progressive house fans who have come to love Difstate’s style you’re sure to enjoy ‘Moments With You’ as well. The clustered melodies and ethereal vocal gates are a match made in heaven and over top of a solid groove it makes for a magical track. The arrangement of the vocal is definitely a nod to the old school as it brings back memories of many great productions from golden era of progressive house. There’s something quite meditative about the two main melodic themes and they go together amazingly well. Brilliant stuff from Difstate.

First up on the remixes Cream & Deep Fog deliver another exceptional production like we’ve all come to expect from the much loved duo. Right away you get more of a pure progressive house sensibility with a lush sounding groove and lovely percussive details. The Polish pair have become known for their slow building melodic creations which almost always result in goosebump worthy moments. They’ve done just that here with an unassuming first act that gradually builds texture and emotion before the break lets the main theme loose along with some gorgeous bass swells which harness all the emotive energy perfectly. Gorgeous remix from Cream & Deep Fog.

Another producer who just never seems to miss and is also on the perpetual rise is East Cafe. Hailing from Hungary and making his label debut Gábor Kaszás aka East Cafe puts his own unique twist on the track bringing a funkier, groovier sensibility. The thick, well carved slabs of bass which make up the foundation immediately stand out. Warm with gorgeous chord changes they sit at the emotive core of the track while the lead melodies dance with a pleasant bounce above. This is probably one of East Cafe’s most feel good production’s to date and with a framework like that it’s certainly set for damage on the dance floor.

The release concludes with Serge Landar making his third appearance and taking the track into deeper more old school sounding territory. Highlighted by gated sweeps and some lovely piano accents it flows wonderfully with the vocal elements getting chopped a bit further. It comes off moodier than the previous three mixes and that’s what makes it so interesting, particularly it’s sombre break which sets up a touching finale perfectly. Great remix from Serge and a strong release for Aethereal. Don’t miss it.


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