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Dirkie Coetzee presents Deeper Calling – Into Orbit


Dirkie Coetzee, a South African DJ and producer, has been active in the music scene for more than a decade and is the driving force behind the “Deeper Calling” project. Coetzee has been extensively involved in every aspect of the industry, and his love for trance music is evident throughout his work as a DJ, A&R, and “We Are Trance” radio show host, which over the years, grew into a label and event brand that has been highly successful.

Despite his involvement in various facets of the industry, Coetzee has always believed that being a producer should remain the focal point of his career. His recognition in this field has enabled him to sign his music to some of the most respectable labels in the business, including Black Hole Recordings, Enhanced Music, Bonzai Music, Nukleuz Records, and many others globally acclaimed.

Magik Muzik has once again given the green light to Dirkie’s impressive project, Deeper Calling. “Into Orbit” is a follow-up to the already validated “Edge of Space“. As soon as listeners press the play button, they are immediately catapulted into the exciting unknown. The inclusion of voice samples based on actual recordings from NASA space travel expeditions adds a heightened sense of adventure and progression to the track. “Into Orbit” can be accessed by anyone at any time by streaming it on any platform:

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