York presents Taucher – Infinity (Patrik Humann Remix)

Traveling back in time when trance music was in its early stages, getting the form that glorified this genre soon after, we stopped in the year 1995 and DJ Taucher and Guru Josh’s “Infinity”. Back then it was a prime example of the evolving trance sound, but it was considered too sluggish and outdated to fit into contemporary trance DJ sets. Despite unfavorable circumstances, York took the initiative to create an uplifting cover of “Infinity”, without knowing the outcome. Purchasing special equipment and adding saxophone sounds gave the remix a fresh perspective spin. The end result was a resounding success, quickly gaining popularity in clubs and climbing up to the top charts.

An interesting fact is that during the same period, Patrik Humann took his first steps as a DJ, making a serious approach to clubs in Switzerland and delivering successful gigs. Life eventually took over and music took a backseat, but it always remained his greatest passion, which he never gave up on. Four years ago, Patrik made a grand comeback and produced a couple of hits played by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Armin van Buuren, Above and Beyond, and Paul van Dyk, at their radio shows and festivals.

Patrik was eager to relive the moment of York’s Taucher and Infinity, as it was one of his all-time favorite versions. He reached out to York, who immediately embraced his idea so he crafted a remix that represents a dreamy exploration. Staying true to the smooth and pure melodic vibe that made Infinity such a beloved track back in the day was the biggest challenge Patrik had while recreating this piece of art. Now, thanks to Black Hole Recordings listeners can reexperience this magic on all major streaming platforms:

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