Dobra – The Mirror [Fluro]


The “Mirror” EP is the first release on the Fluro imprint for Russian, Dobra, but it is a label that has produced a number of techno-tinged gems in recent months with Tip D’Oris’ “Loss of Sight” remix EP picking up a raft of quality remixes from the likes of Spacebeat, Stanisha and Monojoke, and Devangel’s “Spiderstrap” providing a superb deep, driving, emotion-fuelled EP.

Forming a two-track EP, the title track “Mirror” is a soft brooding affair broadly described as techno-electronica. Down tempo in make-up, the track is dominated by a filtered riff that forms the backbone of the work. A hint of filtered percussion pans across the stereo spectrum and number of melodic layers and textures are woven together in a reverb-drenched coating that reverses and stutters at the end of each section to keep interest maintained. A simple but effective track.

“Winter Drops” is the slightly stronger dance floor cut of the two tracks. Warm pads open before an intricate, percussive rhythm skips its way into the foreground before a four-to-the-floor kick and pulsing, side-chain compressed pad give further hint to a more traditional EDM structure. Before long a soft repetitive motif plays across the top of proceedings, gathering gradually in reverb as it melds itself to the pads underneath.

A solid offering from newcomer, Dobra here. A number of well-constructed melodic elements in both tracks ensure that the Russian’s work is something to watch over time but perhaps over-repetition of some parts prevents them from hitting true heights. “Winter Drops” is probably the stronger track of the two, certainly in terms of its use for DJs, but as music for listening pleasure, Dobra’s “Mirror” EP has much to offer. As an aside, the artwork is also particularly impressive and gives a flavour of the music within.


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