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Dosem is back with another top notch release on the label that has nine lives. 

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Dosem where have you been!? Go check out his remix of “Hot Since 82”, His releases on Tronic and of course Suara. If you follow Dosem work you will be familiar with two sides to his production.  The 1st is more house driven with techy sounds and the 2nd is groove driven techno.  “Chase The Link is the latter.

The track starts off with a filtered down bassline and an almost 303 sounding synth and with delay.  It gently builds up with atmosphere sounds panning around before adding subtle percussion changes.  The initial 303 type synth creeps up with filters and additional layers making it more intense as builds along. There are a few break downs using the main synth lines filtering up / down and reverb fxs to expand the sound before it kicks back in with drums, this will sound huge in a club.

This track is the perfect example of simplistic techno that works really well. It’s not cluttered in its sounds and each element as a purpose and space. Less is definitely more. Sonically it’s quite warm sounding and doesn’t fatigue your ears when listening loud

Next we have the title “Cuts or Cats” This track instantly exploits the 2nd side to “Dosem” productions, the housier side. It starts off in party mode with percussive drums and a vocal hit before introducing a fat 80’s sounding bassline. Techy top line synths are gelled into the baseline to give it an extra dimension whilst a 90’s rave sounding arpeggiator builds. There’s further chord stabs and pads introduced to give it a more musical but happy feel whilst the vocal hit has now changed to more of a 90’s “hoo yea” line vocal line. A breakdown shortly follows which emphases the pads and its quite sweet sounding before building back to the infectious groove.

This track on a whole is a lot fuller in it sound and production elements. It contains similar sounds to Dosem awesome remix of “Hot Since 82” but is less trancey. There’s is definitely 90’s house vibe about it in vain of 90’s label release on “Cleveland City Records”

Overall just what we have come to expect from Dosem consistent quality. 8/10


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