Dark Soul Project – Dancing On the Moon EP (Intemporal)

Intemporal is a new label from Mexico’s Uvo and Hugo Ibarra. For their first release they offer up an outstanding three-track EP from Argentinian talent Dark Soul Project.

‘Dancing On the Moon’ starts as it means to go on, immediately hitting the listener with a heavy groove and disorienting melodies. But it’s when the bass hits after the first minute that the genius of the track really makes itself apparent, as a glorious melody spins out over the moody techno soundscape. This is utterly beautiful and uplifting, having just the right balance of energy and melancholy for my tastes, and building to an emotional, piano-tinged outro. An instant favourite for me, for sure.

‘Crazy Ogg Doctor’ hits its stride quickly too, soon bouncing away courtesy of a pulsing bassline, some cool distorted vocals, and layers of rippling synths. The bass work on this one is the strong point, since there’s all kinds of intricacies going on under the surface, while the top end melodies took my back to my early Art of Trance/Platipus days. The upshot is a throbbing and uplifting workout, and Dark Soul Project throws in some abstract chiming melodies to sustain the track through its 10-minute runtime.

Last but not least (either in the musical or the weird-title stakes), we have ‘The Man, the Fish and the Red Carpet’, which takes off at a gallop with another pulsing groove, before pulling the heart-strings with some mesmerizing synth melodies, which take the track into a beautiful breakdown. There’s more cool electro-bass work from Dark Soul Project as the track picks up steam again, working its way through some amazing builds and drops for good measure.

This is a terrific first release for Intemporal, and hopefully indicative of what we have to look forward to from them. The title track is definitely the pick of the bunch for my money, but Dark Soul Project keeps the quality high throughout the entire EP. 8.5/10


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