Emi Galvan – Universe EP (238W Inc.)

The latest release on John Johnson’s 238W Inc. welcomes Emi Galvan to the label for his debut EP.

Emi Galvan - Universe EP (238W Inc.)

Having already appeared on label subsidiary Hydrogen Inc, Emi also boasts releases on Clinique Recordings and 3xA Music. Now the Argentine presents the most anticipated release of his young career with the two track ‘Universe EP’.

The release begins with its title and showcase piece ‘Universe’ which finds Emi crafting a deep and soulful progressive piece. Anchored by warm bass swells and a bulbous kick it’s emotive intentions are clear from the outset. It’s melodic storyboard is perhaps what’s most exciting. Both hypnotic and heartfelt it quickly puts you in a meditative state and a well timed, tasteful break seals it’s brilliance. A poignant piece of music from Emi and a great start to the EP.

The companion piece ‘You Always’ sits as a lovely complement to ‘Universe’ with its unique melodic quirks and funk laden groove. Markedly chunkier with clusters of bass tones carving out a killer foundation it’s rolls forward with a lovely cadence. Cascades of keys sweep across the framework to much emotional delight and as the track reaches the main break there’s a dramatic tone in the air. It’s one that carries through the tracks centrepiece with feathered electronics and glowing stabs preceding the funk infused drop. A wonderful end to a quality EP from Emi and another great offering from John Johnson’s 238W Inc. Don’t miss it.


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