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Erdi Irmak – Start Believing [Particles]


From the banks of the Bosphorous along the Silk Road, Erdi Irmak has forged a highly prized reputation as purveyor of a “unique blend of deep and progressive styles” borne from an underlying early interest in “psychedelic sounds” and the Eastern influences so abundant in his Istanbul home. In a short two-year timeframe, Erdi has gone on to collect a host of fans including Cid Inc., Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Stoynoff, for a host of impressive labels from Movement and Mistique to Stripped and Sangria. Indeed, some 150 Beatport production credits boast the Erdi Irmak name with the “Amazonian River/Euclidian Space” EP proving a progressive highlight thus far in 2013 for the outstanding Erik Pettersson run Lowbit imprint.

While his name is recognised across the Proton label family, Erdi’s Particles debut came in May 2013 with his groove-studded gem of a remix for Kobana & Mario Hatchet on their globally successful, “Reload”. Now, the release of Erdi Irmak’s full debut EP for Particles comes in the form of the twin-track “Start Believing” EP.

Opening up proceedings, “Departures” effortlessly displays Erdi’s talents for lilting percussive rhythms comprised of offbeat claps and swung hi-hats allied to a deep sub-bass holding a locked groove together with a vice like grip. Before long, a shimmering delayed riff perfectly captures the mood of the rhythm as it pans its way left and right in perpetual motion. The presence of a wonderfully rising filtered pad and breathy rhythmic stabs completes the first movement before a Moog arpeggio delightfully trips its way to the fore in all its random beauty as the various rhythmic components join in to produce a hypnotic finale.

Title track “Start Believing” immediately announces its dance floor credentials with similar deep bass line to its predecessor accompanied by a strong driving beat and 808 style house snares and claps. A luscious array of pads provide an atmospheric and textural backdrop as they delicately reinforce the rhythmic beauty around them, before parallels are drawn once more with “Departures” and the use of a glittering dynamic arpeggio loop that cuts through the dynamic rhythmic collage with consummate ease. The liberal sprinkling of white noise based swirls adds final aural enchantment to a track that sees the Turkish maestro hitting his customary high notes.

With loyalty to his burgeoning musical reputation unstinting, Edi Irmak can “Start Believing” in a very bright future in the remainder of 2013 and beyond. Both tracks are spot on the money here and I’ve really enjoyed “Depratures” not least because I’m a sucker for an arpeggio line!


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