Fernando Olaya – New Horizons (238W Inc.)

238W Inc. kicks the new year off with a brand new EP from Fernando Olaya entitled ‘New Horizons’.

Fernando Olaya - New Horizons

As one of 2015’s hottest labels I’m really excited to watch what comes out from 238W this year. All indications are the output will certainly exceed expectations and they’ve gotten 2016 off to a great start with 3 fresh originals from Fernando Olaya. Hailing from Colombia and also heading up the Sonnet Speciale imprint, Fernando has been one of the undergrounds top talents for several years. 2015 appearances on 3rd Avenue, MNL, Soundteller Records and Stellar Fountain were all exceptional, and there are some signs of his label being a bit more active this year with a new release in the not too distant future. This is Fernando’s second appearance on 238W having contributed ‘The Promise’ to the label’s Contemporary Elements | Amsterdam collection in October of last year. 

The EP begins with ‘New Horizons’ and finds Fernando going deep and hypnotic with great results. Following a DJ friendly intro some dazzling synth work makes for a spaced out transition into a tougher minded groove. Then a slow methodical build begins toward the main break with a delicate lead line and it’s tripped out surroundings fully taxing your senses. Fernando then unleashes a subtle sequence of chord changes to get just a bit more emotion out of the piece. All while keeping in mind the tracks delicate sensibility and understated appeal. Wonderful stuff from Fernando.

Going a bit more progressive now, the EPs second selection ‘Lost’ picks the pace up slightly and again focuses on some subtle melodic motifs. A driving groove builds momentum quickly while a celestial top end adds a wonderful sense of space. The tracks second act, which consists of a long transitional build and short break are its strong suit. There’s a lovely tension built here with the all the elements intensifying ever so slightly over a 3 minute stretch, and once the full groove drops back in expect a big reaction from your dance floor. 

The EP concludes with ‘In Colour’ which comes in as the most techno inspired piece on the release. The uniqueness of design gets stepped up a notch here and the atmospheric storyboard is definitely the star of the show for me. A wide array of spacey electronics, processed vocals and granular textures flow through the framework effortlessly. It’s a wicked collage of tripped out audio to say the least and Fernando’s floor friendly foundation makes it quite danceable. It’s a gorgeous way to end the EP and definitely one to enjoy and lose yourself in several times over. Beautiful work from Fernando and a top notch release from 238W Inc. to begin the year.


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