Jelly For The Babies & Mou. – Aragvi (Genesis Music)

The 20th release on Michael A’s Genesis Music features a brand new collaborative project from Jelly For The Babies and Mou.

Jelly For The Babies and Mou

Hailing from Serbia and Egypt respectively both Jelly and Mou have been extremely successful in their solo careers and the prospect of them collaborating is quite exciting. They’ve cooked up a beauty for the first Genesis Music release of the year which also includes a remix from label boss Michael A.

The release begins with the original and it’s an interesting fusion of sounds. Jelly’s pendant for all things deep and groovy has certainly worked wonderfully with Mou’s atmospheric take on progressive house. Beginning with a hypno vocal loop, dubby beats and a cavernous wall of bass you know right away you’re in for a smooth late night affair. As the piece builds soft rhythmic tones and ethereal vocal gates create a wonderful melodic haze. A more distinct lead then develops and pushes the emotive qualities up several notches, ultimately leading to a magical break. It’s a gorgeous moment and one which plays out with just a touch of tension before getting washed away in favour of the warm fluid groove. Wonderful work from a producer pairing I hope we see more of in the future.

Mou has also provided his own interpretation of the mix which carries the same warmth and smooth hypnotic qualities. Great drum elements make for some catchy hooks, while the melodic reconstruction begins to build and flows through a cascade of modulation and emotion. The break makes the most of those blissful vibes laying down a full showcase of the lead line before a quick drop and rush of beats and melodies takes you home.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Aragvi’ is provided by Michael A who is making his 12th appearance on his home imprint. The Belarus based producer was one of many artists who rose to prominence in 2015. Michael’s year was filled with support from Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J along with the rise of Genesis Music which launched just 7 months ago. Now one of the leaders in the progressive new school Michael delivers a standout remix to close the release off. Taking a darker, more arcane approach the vibe still comes off quite hopeful but with a mysterious undertone. The vocal elements are gut wrenching, almost like impassioned cries and over that menacing groove it certainly makes for a killer big room tune. Awesome remix from Michael A and a great start to 2016 for Genesis Music. Don’t miss it.


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