Fernando Olaya – Teotihuacan (Asymmetric Dip)

Fernando Olaya closes out a successful 2016 with a top EP on Lonya’s Asymmetric Dip.

Fernando Olaya - Teotihuacan (Asymmetric Dip)

The Colombian artist has previously appeared on parent label Asymmetric Recordings with a contribution to the ADE 2016 Sampler released in October of this year. Now making his much anticipated debut on Asymmetric Dip Fernando presents his ‘Teotihuacan’ EP alongside a remix from Eli Amsalevski.

Fernando is an artist who has crossed genres with relative ease this past year. At times showcasing a more melodic techno sound as displayed on Making You Dance as well as progressive minded material on Cid Inc’s Replug Records. The lead and also title track here comes in more like the former with a wealth of modern themes. From melancholic melodies to quirky, character rich electronics there’s a lot to like in its seven minute journey. A short, perfectly executed second act brings a nice moment without ever losing the meditative flow. A great start to the EP. ‘London Modular’ continues on a similar plane but with a bigger, more club friendly framework. The melodic construction is exceptional with layers of luminous synths and bubbly hypnotics coming together for several magic moments. The EP’s third and final selection ‘Purple’ is again better suited to the dance floor and quite a ways off from Fernando’s pure progressive minded productions. The percussion is much more organic and the modular storyboard has a less predictable, almost live feel about it. Quite an amazing track like the previous two and definitely some of Fernando’s most interesting work to date.

The lone interpretation on the release sees Eli Amsalevski returning to the label for his second appearance. Having also been a major contributor to Asymmetric Recordings the Israeli artist has certainly found a home on the Lonya headed labels. Here he takes the lead track ‘Teotihuacan’ into deep, atmospheric territory with great results. The main themes gets overhauled in a dubbier fashion but the subversive nature of the mix makes it all the more emotive. Perhaps not as well known as some of his fellow countryman, Eli has fast become one of Israel’s best kept secrets as each production comes with depth and widescreen appeal. A fabulous remix to cap off a well rounded release from Lonya’s Asymmetric Dip. Highly Recommended.


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