Following Light – Recursion (Slideways Music)

Tim Penner’s Slideways Music returns this week with a brand new EP from Following Light.

Following Light - Recursion (Slideways Music)

I’ve long said that Kirill Guk aka Following Light is one of the hardest working artists in the underground. In addition to being the most prolific (at the present time) the Ukrainian producer also runs Inmost Records, Aeriform Records, Absurd State, Lincor and I think he just started a new label as well. For the amount of music he releases he’s incredibly consistent and is also a staple of Beatport’s Must Hear charts on a regular basis. Now making his much anticipated Slideways debut Following Light presents his latest two track EP entitled ‘Recursion’.

The title track leads the release off and showcases what the progressive underground has come to love about Following Light. Crisp beats, warm bass swells and cool hypnotic qualities all combine for a smooth flowing first act before the main break ups the emotion just a touch. Amidst the drifting atmospheres and twinkly melodies the percussive energy stays intact and the flow is so much better as a result. No massive fanfare on the drop and just some added melodic elements that seal a great finale. Beautiful work from Following Light.

The companion piece ‘Petrikor’ comes in a touch deeper and dubbier at the outset all backed by a bulbous groove which has a boundless pulse to it. That playful melodic quality that gives so many of Following Light’s productions childlike appeal is present here again but perhaps in more of a techno state of mind. It works wonderfully and it also makes for an ideal complement to the more progressive a-side. Two quality cuts from Following Light and another standout release from Tim Penner’s Slideways Music. Don’t miss it.


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